Data Forensic

We offer data forensics services to individuals and businesses who need to recover data from digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Wer use specialized software and techniques to recover deleted or lost data, and we provide our clients with a detailed report of the recovered information.

What we do

  • Data recovery: Assistance with recovering lost or deleted data from digital devices such as hard drives, smartphones, and memory cards.
  • Digital forensics: Expert analysis of digital evidence to determine the cause of an incident, identify any malicious activity, and provide evidence for legal proceedings.
  • Electronic discovery: Assistance with identifying and collecting relevant electronic evidence for legal cases or investigations.

Our Process




Data Forensics Services Melbourne

When it comes to ensuring the security and integrity of our digital activities, there is a growing need for expert assistance in data forensics services. For those residing in Melbourne or nearby areas, finding reliable and efficient solutions can be as easy as searching for digital forensics services or data forensics services in Melbourne. One reputable option in private investigation firms specializing in Melbourne in this field is Private Investigate. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive data forensics services tailored to clients’ needs.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals, Private Investigate delivers unparalleled results in uncovering hidden evidence, analyzing intricate data trails, and unraveling perplexing cybercrimes. Whether retrieving deleted files from storage devices or reconstructing timelines of online activities, we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth and justice. The meticulous nature of the work ensures accuracy and reliability at every step of the investigation process. With a commitment to maintaining strict confidentiality, while presenting undeniable findings, Private Investigate sets itself apart as a trusted partner when navigating the complexities of digital forensic investigations within the vibrant cityscape of Melbourne.

The professionals possess technical expertise and a deep understanding of the legal protocols required to handle digital evidence properly. The cutting-edge technology and comprehensive methodology enable them to collect, analyze, and document vital information from various electronic sources such as computers, mobile devices, cloud storage platforms, social media accounts, and more. With utmost discretion and confidentiality guaranteed throughout the process, the experts ensure no stone goes unturned when investigating potential cybercrimes or unauthorized access attempts. By availing of our services in Melbourne’s vicinity or beyond, individuals can rest assured that concerns about data breaches or fraudulent activities will be thoroughly investigated with precision and efficiency.