Skip Tracing

We specialize in skip tracing, the process of locating individuals who have gone missing or cannot be found. Our investigators use various resources and techniques to locate the person, including public records and social media. We have a high success rate in locating individuals who have disappeared or gone off the grid, and we work efficiently and effectively to reunite our clients with their loved ones.

Our Services

Skip tracing services can offer a range of tools and techniques to help locate individuals who have gone missing or who are intentionally evading contact. Some of the services offered by skiptracing include the following

People search

Databases that allow us to search for individuals using various search criteria, such as name, address, phone number and more


We can search social media platforms to help locate individuals and gather information about their activities and contacts.

Public records Search

We can provide access to public records, such as court records, property records, and criminal records, to help locate individuals.

Background checks

We can conduct background checks to gather information about an individual’s employment history, criminal history and financial history.

asset search

We can conduct asset searches to help locate assets, such as bank accounts, property and vehicles that may be associated with said individual.

Skip Tracing Services Melbourne


Skip Tracing Services Melbourne specializes in providing comprehensive and highly efficient private investigation solutions tailored to meet clients’ unique needs. When individuals go off the grid, leaving behind unanswered questions and unresolved matters, we are here to bridge the gap. Our relentless pursuit of information and commitment to ethical practices make us the go-to solution for locating those who’ve become elusive. With up-to-date technology and a deep understanding of the legal landscape, we bring clarity to the unknown. Let us help you find what you’ve been searching for, one trace at a time.”